Toilet Issues? Our Austin, TX Plumbers Will Provide The Fix

Do you know that water usage studies suggest that the average household toilet in the Austin & Marble Falls areas waste approximately 3,000 – 12,0000 gallons of water annually! That’s a lot of wasted water, and old, leaky toilets do not cause the waste. The reason: Most toilets have a faulty “flapper” in the tank. These leaking flappers or fill valves, which control the flow of water into the tank, are responsible for the thousands of wasted gallons of water.

Ghost Flushing ToiletsToilet repair by licensed plumbers

If you ever hear your toilet “ghost flushing” or running its water fill cycle randomly throughout the day when no one has used it, more than likely your flapper or valve is leaking, and your water is kicking on to fill the tank.

Problem Toilets

Do you have a toilet at home that constantly backs up? Even worse, does your toilet seem to be disconnected from the floor and rocks, moves or swivels with the slightest touch? These are annoying problems now that can turn into huge problems later, like leaking pipes and water damage to your floor or ceilings because of poor sealing.

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The good news is, if you are experiencing any of these toilet problems, our professionals at Economy Plumbing Services can help. We employ only state-licensed plumbers who are true experts in all things plumbing. We can assess the situation and determine what option will best solve the problem – a repair or replacement. From minor rebuilds and parts replacement to a complete toilet overhaul and replacement, we’ve got your covered. Contact us!