Natural And Propane Gas Line Installation & Repair

Austin & Marble Falls, TX Gas Line Inspection, Repair & Installation

Gas, dangerous to say the least, but efficient, inexpensive and powerful. A common energy source in most homes in the Austin and Marble Falls area, natural or propane gas has proven to be a valuable asset to our communities. Gas provides consistent, effective heat for our homes, our water, pools, outdoor or indoor cooking, fireplaces, and creating beautiful patio accents.

Detecting Problems With Your Gas Lines

You cannot see or taste gas, and without the smell added, a leak could go unnoticed until ignited. Our gas suppliers add an odorant to our gas for safety. Most odorants smell like rotten eggs or sulfur, and a sample of the gas smell can be obtained from your gas supplier. Natural and propane gas alarms may also be purchased at local hardware stores. These products are typically marketed as “explosive gas detectors or alarms.”

In our area, gas supply systems go many years without requiring any service, but can suddenly fail overnight. When this happens, Economy Plumbing is just one call away to repair your natural and propane gas lines.

Contact Your Austin & Marble Falls, TX Plumbers

Our plumbers, and our company as a whole, are licensed, certified, and insured for servicing, repairing, testing and modifying natural gas and propane systems. Propane requires a separate endorsement from the Texas Railroad Commission, and you may rest assured we have obtained this endorsement, too. You are in good hands with Economy Plumbing!

Have a gas leak, or simply want to have your system tested to ensure there are no leaks? Desiring a full-on gas system inspection? Contact us today to schedule immediate service!

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