Plumbing Problems Equal Money Down The Toilet.

Eight Awesome Residential Plumbing Hacks To Save You Headaches & Money

Many plumbing problems require professional expertise to solve, and Economy Plumbing Services is always here to help in the event of a plumbing emergency. But if you encounter one of these common household problems, give these residential plumbing hacks a try. They will save you time and money!

  1. Rescue Items From the Toilet

Did your child’s action figure take a plunge into the toilet bowl? Using a plunger can push the toy deeper into the pipes, so use a wet/dry shop vacuum to suck it out of there. Your child gets their toy back, and you don’t have to call the plumber.

  1. Save the Jewelry From the Sink

Kids aren’t the only ones to accidentally drop things they care about into the plumbing. If you drop jewelry into the kitchen sink and aren’t quick enough to catch it, try retrieving it with a strong magnet. Tie it to a string, and lower the magnet into the drain. If you’re jewelry isn’t made of silver or gold, there is a good chance you can fish it out of there without ever touching the pipes.

  1. Be Kind to Your Disposal

It’s important to remember that your garbage disposal isn’t meant to dispose of everything. Many foods can damage and clog your drains, so pay attention to what you’re letting get down there. Stringy foods like celery and cornhusks are bad for the blades, and pasta, rice and other foods that expand with water can easily clog your pipes.

  1. Lighten the Load of Your Shower Head

Despite how many convenient hanging racks there are for the shower, your showerhead is not built to sustain so much weight. Increased weight will gradually snap showerheads right off at the threads, leaving you with a messy, expensive plumbing problem. Make sure you have as little in your shower rack as possible, or better yet, remove it all together.

  1. Unclog Your Showerhead

Oftentimes rust and mineral buildup can start to clog your showerhead, reducing water pressure and sometimes even blocking your pipes. Eliminate this buildup by tying a plastic bag filled with vinegar around the showerhead and leaving it on over night. Vinegar will eat away at the minerals and clear away the buildup before morning.

  1. De-Goop Your Drains

In order to prevent drain problems before they happen, schedule a regular check-up for your sink and tub stoppers every 3 months. Clean out the hair, scrub off the soap scum, and get them back to their original shiny condition so they continue to drain smoothly.

  1. Put an End To Creaking Pipes

If the noise coming from your pipes has you feeling like you’re in a rowdy haunted house, use felt to silence them. Simply pick up some adhesive-backed felt at the hardware store and cut it into strips. Then remove each hanger and wrap the pipe before refastening the hanger. This will prevent the copper pipes from expanding and grinding against their hangers.

  1. When In Doubt, Call a Pro

Always remember to keep the number for Economy Plumbing Services handy, in case of an emergency. Whenever your plumbing repair seems too big to tackle on your own, our team of experts is here to assist you. Contact us anytime with any of your plumbing needs!



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